I have FACED the demons of those desperate moments. I’m stronger than ever. I’m not immortal, i’m just a man… a power-craving tyrant. I know my uses, i have my pride. i learned my lessons, i go on and i’m unashamed. i walk away from apathy, i’m feeling fine. i’m stronger than ever. THOU SHALT NOT. the answer is clear, crystal clear. we can run but we’re tired of running. the ending’s the same, the same. now i realize i’m stronger…BETTER. at least i’d know i wasn’t theirs to create.

    i met someone new, someone really new to myself. she seems dressed in all the rings, hard to say what caught my attention… i get nervous, when i see her it’s worse. somehow, she’s something in me that i despise. however, she is everything and more. she is everything to me. and more.

    let me hear you breathe, let me watch as you sleep. show me your heart. show me the way to complete this. “God, it’s perfect. really perfect now…”

    but she isn’t real, could i make her real? i won’t let this build up inside of me… i wont, no! i am the one who will not die.

    i’d do anything to have her to myself. just to have her for myself. she is everything to me. the unrequited dream. an epic novel no one’s read. the unattainable. the greatest story never told. SHE’s a myth that i have to believe in. a song that no one sings. she is home to me. i never claimed to be a saint…

    i’d do anything to have her to myself. just to have her for myself.

    Pointed goat. (Bear House Edit)

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